Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

A commercial auto insurance policy protects the mobility of your Battle Creek or Marshall, MI area business. However, multiple claims can negatively impact your profit potential. These tips from Great Michigan Insurance will help you decrease the possibilities of claims, increase the longevity of your work vehicles, and improve driver performance.

  • Install GPS-capable tracking devices in all company vehicles. Some devices are able to record mileage, driving habits, and other bits of information as well. These trackers help you understand how your drivers operate, which offers opportunities for more effective training. The digitally collected data also makes it easier to determine operating costs and create more effective maintenance schedules.
  • Designate a fleet manager. Even if you only have 2 company vehicles, a dedicated fleet manager simplifies your management processes. Having one person in charge of keeping track of maintenance logs, fuel records, purchasing, and other details decrease confusion that could lead to poor vehicle performance.
  • Opt into roadside assistance. For smaller businesses, roadside assistance is a cost-effective way to keep your vehicles operative. Instead of paying for a dedicated emergency response employee or shelling out big bucks for independent towing services, commercial roadside assistance can help you get moving after an emergency without a large investment.
  • Contract all of your mechanical work to one shop. Find a mechanic or shop that can serve all of your maintenance and emergency needs. Use the volume of work you offer to negotiate discounted rates or premium services.

Your Battle Creek or Marshall, MI area business can’t run without properly maintained vehicles. Let Great Michigan Insurance customize your commercial auto insurance contract to fit your needs. Contact us to learn how to maximize the value of your commercial auto coverage.