Home insurance riders you may want to consider

Home insurance covers many things, including fire, vandalism, and windstorms. It does not, however, cover everything that can happen, and it does have some limits on certain types of coverage. Our team at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, gets to know our customers and their needs, and we will recommend a rider or endorsement for your home policy if it is something we think you need. 

Valuables coverage

When it comes to covering your personal property, you have options. You can choose the current value or the replacement cost. When it comes to things like collectibles, jewelry, art, and antiques, there are limits on your policy about how much they will cover in those categories. If you have more than a very minimal amount of jewelry, you will find your coverage inadequate. Getting a jewelry rider is necessary to ensure your possessions are covered. This can also be true for electronics, cameras, stamps, coins, etc. 

Identity theft

Identity theft has become a more common occurrence in recent years, and it can cost you money and time to restore your financial reputation. With identity theft coverage, your insurance will help to restore some of the money that may have been spent on legal fees and other costs associated with identity theft. 

Water or sewer backup

When there is a problem with water coming into the home from a backed-up sewer or a sump pump, this insurance will help pay to repair the damage caused and move the water or sewage. This is an issue that can cause a lot of damage and anxiety. 

When you have questions about your home coverage, call our experienced team at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, today. 

Protect Your Fortress Against the Unexpected with Umbrella Insurance in Marshall, MI

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim that exceeded the limits of your policy, you probably already know how vital umbrella insurance can be for avoiding out-of-pocket expenses. 

Having umbrella insurance can provide policyholders with financial benefits, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind when they know their interests and assets are safe in the event of a covered loss.

Insurance professionals at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, can help you choose an umbrella insurance policy to supplement existing home, auto, and liability policies. 

Unexpected Financial Storms Can Wreck Havoc – Protect Your Fortress with Umbrella Insurance

Natural disasters, severe thunderstorms, fires, floods, and water leaks are all examples of unexpected events that can cause financial storms in your life and devastate your finances – if you don’t have the right amount of insurance protection. 

Marshall area residents looking to secure their financial future and add protection for their most essential assets can get umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is a form of add-on insurance that can extend the limits of existing policies.

Savvy homeowners who are saving for their future invest in umbrella insurance as a part of a financial planning strategy that includes home, auto, and liability insurance as a comprehensive solution for protecting their most important assets. 

If you have questions about the benefits of umbrella insurance or want to get a quote, licensed insurance professionals can help. Talk to a trusted agent to learn how umbrella insurance can help you recover from life’s unexpected mishaps, including accidents, legal liability claims, and other covered incidents where your policy coverage can offset out-of-pocket costs. 

Contact a licensed insurance agent at Great Michigan Insurance to add extended coverage to your insurance policies today! 

Condos Make Up a Lot of First-Time Home Purchases: Here’s How Insurance Helps

At Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, condo owners can get protection for their new home. With so many first-time homeowners opting for this type of house, finding a great policy that will keep you safe is more important than ever. Here’s what you need to know about its protection.

Dwelling Support 

A typical condo insurance policy can help protect your dwelling, along with alterations, improvements, alliances, and fixtures. While they don’t cover things like flood or earthquake damage, they help ensure that your overall structure is protected and safe from damage. 

Personal Property Help 

Keep your property safe, including your clothing, furniture, appliances, and other items to ensure that you’re safe. This step will help ensure that your property loss isn’t too severe and can minimize how much you spend to replace any items. 

Loss of Use Protection 

Loss of use coverage can help if you need to relocate after something temporarily affects your home. For example, if a serious fire damages your house, you might need to use this coverage to pay for hotel rooms while your condo gets repaired.

Other Payment Options 

Here are a few other payment options to consider:

  • Medical payments for if someone gets hurt on your property 
  • Personal liability help if you get sued for any issue on your home 
  • Flood insurance that protects your condo from serious issues 
  • Umbrella protection in case you need more liability support 
  • New for Old protection that helps you replace your possessions with new ones
  • Valuable item blanket coverage that extends your protection costs 
  • Scheduled personal property helps to add extra protection for other items

Get the Policy You Need

At Great Michigan Insurance, we can help Marshall, MI, condo owners get the protection necessary to ensure that you get protected. Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for the support you need to get the help required to keep your investment safe from serious loss risks.

Why your home business needs commercial insurance?

Running your business out of your home has become a popular option. It allows a lot more flexibility and saves the cost of buying or renting a business location. Even though it is located in your home, home insurance is not designed to protect a business, just your home. Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI provides our customers with the right home and commercial insurance to ensure they are protected from all the hazards that can happen. 

Property insurance

Yes, your home does have property insurance, but it is not designed to protect a home business. Commercial property insurance combines building coverage with content coverage to cover all aspects of your business. You may get minimal coverage from your home insurance. Still, to protect everything you need to carry out your business, you must have commercial insurance to protect your raw materials, inventory, and everything you use to carry on your business. 

Liability coverage

If you have customers or clients who visit your home to do business, they will not be covered for injury by your home insurance. You need to have commercial liability insurance to offer the amount of coverage you need. 

Auto insurance

Personal auto insurance does not cover the business use of your own vehicle. If you need to visit clients or customers or deliver products, this is considered business use of your vehicle, and if you have an accident, you won’t be covered. 

Business interruption insurance

If something happens to stop you from being able to do business, how will you pay your bills? This insurance helps a company to be able to meet its obligations until it can get back to doing business. 

Contact Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI when you need to discuss how to protect your business and your home. 

Common Home Insurance Exclusions: Understanding What’s Not Covered

Many homeowners in Marshall, MI are surprised to learn that there are several common exclusions in their home insurance policies. These exclusions mean your insurance company may not cover certain events, damages, or losses. Great Michigan Insurance explains some of the most common home insurance exclusions so you can understand what your policy won’t cover.

1. Flooding

One of the most common exclusions in a home insurance policy is flooding. If the Kalamazoo or other nearby rivers overflow or a heavy rainstorm causes flooding in your basement, you’ll need a separate flood insurance policy to cover the loss.

2. Earthquake

Another exclusion in your home insurance policy is damage caused by an earthquake. In Michigan, the risk of an earthquake is low, but still, it’s not non-existent.

3. High-Value Items

If you have expensive jewelry, art, or other valuable items, you might be surprised that they are not fully covered under your standard home insurance policy.

4. Infestations and Pest Damages

Another exclusion in your home insurance policy might be damages caused by a pest infestation. While a bug or rodent infestation can cause significant damage to your home, most policies do not cover it.

Home insurance policies are essential to protecting your family and your assets in Marshall, MI. However, it’s critical to understand what’s not covered so that you can target your insurance coverage to meet your needs. By knowing which events, damages, or losses are excluded from your policy, you can take steps to protect yourself fully. If you have questions about what your home insurance policy covers – and doesn’t cover, contact Great Michigan Insurance. We can review your policy together and find any gaps you need to cover.

Tips to prepare your home for a storm

When preparing your home for a storm, you should take several essential steps. To help keep you safe, we at Great Michigan Insurance recommend that everyone in the Marshall, MI area follow these helpful tips when bad weather is on the horizon. 

These include ensuring the outside of your home is secured and all potential hazards like loose tree branches or broken windowpanes are taken care of. In addition, it’s vital to ensure that any exterior doors and windows are properly sealed to prevent water from entering your home. Additionally, it’s a great idea to clear gutters and downspouts of debris so that water can flow freely away from your house. Removing any items stored in the backyard or outdoor areas that may be swept away by the high wind is also important.

Inside your home, you should disconnect electrical apparatus damaged by a power surge, such as computers and TVs. You should also place valuable items in a safe location in case of flooding or strong winds. If you need to evacuate your home, ensure that you turn off the gas and power at the main switch when possible. Finally, ensure you have an emergency kit with supplies like food, water, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit.

By following these tips, you can rest assured knowing that your home is secure against potential damage caused by storms. Taking proper precautions can help protect your family and belongings from harm during severe weather conditions.

For more safety tips, call us at Great Michigan Insurance today. We proudly serve the Marshall, MI area. Stay safe!

How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

Your home is one of your most significant investments. That’s why it’s essential to have the right home insurance policy. But even if you have the perfect policy, it’s still important to review it regularly. This blog post will discuss how often you should review your home insurance policy and what factors you should consider when making that decision.

When You Make Changes to Your Home

If you’ve made any changes to your home, it’s important to review your insurance policy to ensure you have the right coverage. For example, if you’ve remodeled your kitchen or added a new addition to your home, your insurance policy should reflect those changes.

Additionally, if you’ve made any changes to your home that could impact your risk of a loss, such as installing a new roof or security system, be sure to let your insurance company know. They may be able to offer you a discount on your premium.

If You Bring Valuables into Your Home

If you’ve moved any valuables into your homes, such as jewelry, art, or collectibles, you’ll want to ensure those items are adequately insured. Your standard home insurance policy may limit how much coverage is provided for these items.

If you plan on getting a significant amount of valuable items in your home, you may need to purchase an additional insurance policy to ensure they’re fully protected. If you’re in Marshall, MI, talk to your Great Michigan Insurance agent about the best way to insure your valuables.

Once a Year

Even if you haven’t made any changes to your home or brought in new valuables, reviewing your insurance policy at least once a year is still a good idea. This will help you ensure you have the right coverage and that your premium is still in line with the market rates.


Regularly reviewing your home insurance policy is the best way to ensure you have the right coverage. By reviewing your policy, you can be confident that you and your home are adequately protected.

If you have questions about your home insurance policy or want a quote, talk to us at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI. Our team of experienced agents is always happy to help.

Is Homeowner’s Insurance Required in Michigan?

Homeownership in the state of Michigan is a huge accomplishment! With the booming market and fantastic interest rates, it’s no surprise that many people are trying to get their dream homes. Once you’re in, one of the most essential items on your To-Do list should be your home insurance policy. 

Before you start buying furniture and painting the walls, make sure your home insurance policy is one that provides full coverage and will protect you from the variety of scenarios that can happen as a homeowner. 

Residents of Marshall, MI that are looking into home insurance should keep reading. Great Michigan Insurance is here to help you understand the ins and outs of home insurance and what a good policy will look like for you.  

From dangerous weather and natural disasters to vandalism or theft, an adequate policy will protect you financially from any harm or damage. We can’t predict what may happen to our homes. All we can do is take steps to ensure that we’re able to protect ourselves. 

It’s important to understand that your location and lifestyle can reflect what the best policy is for you. If you live in a high-flood area, investing in flood insurance may be a good choice. Home insurance not only covers the interior and exterior of your home, but it can also cover your personal belongings inside the home, along with other structures on your property. There are different coverage options for different needs. 

Marshall, MI is a fantastic place to own a home with your family. Great Michigan Insurance can help customize an insurance policy that will protect one of your greatest investments – your home. Contact us today; we’re here to help! 

Common Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid in Michigan

When you are shopping for home insurance in Michigan, you have a lot on your mind that you want to protect. You may not be required to get home insurance if you own your home outright, however your lender may ask that you have home insurance. Even without a mortgage, you will still have valuables to protect against financial losses.

Just as every home in Marshall, MI is unique, so too are their home insurance policies. Before you become overwhelmed with the fine print, let Great Michigan Insurance help you avoid the most common home insurance mistakes.

Protect Yourself Completely

Among the most common home insurance mistakes is not insuring your home enough. Because home insurance is not required, and has no state minimum requirements, does not mean you should get a skeleton policy for the sake of having coverage.

Insurance is designed to help you sleep better at night. You need the right amount of liability coverage, and property damage coverage. If you don’t know what your potential risks are, we can help.

Don’t Let Price Guide You

The price of your home insurance policy is certainly on your mind when you are making the budget. You don’t want it to be the only deciding factor when selecting home insurance. Not having enough coverage will cost you more in the long run.

You can select the right home insurance with the right deductibles, and still feel covered and protected with your home insurance.

Get a Quote From an Agent

There is nothing wrong with purchasing insurance online, but it may not save you money and time in the long run. Your Marshall, MI home is your dream, and something you have been working hard for your entire life. An agent can help you to clearly understand the risks, and how to protect yourself from them. Call Great Michigan Insurance today for a quote on home insurance. You’ll see what peace of mind feels like.

When should you review your home insurance coverage

Choosing your home insurance coverage is one of the most important decisions new homeowners make. You may not have even thought about it when you bought your home. You may have looked for the best deal and gone with that policy. Depending on your agent, it may or may not have been the best decision for you. Actually, these days many people buy their insurance online and never even talk to their local agent. This can be an expensive mistake. At Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, we are independent agents who work to serve your needs and find the best price. 

You can review your home insurance any time it seems like a good idea. You can also bring it to an independent agent to look over and access it for you. The most common time for a policy review is before your renewal date. You will get a declaration page that tells you the exact amount of your coverage and all the particulars such as deductibles etc. 

When your premium rises

The most common reason to review your home insurance coverage is when you see a significant rise in your premium. Be prepared with last year’s declaration page to see if there is any justification for the increase. Many policies will keep up with inflation, so your home replacement value may have risen. But while you are looking, it makes sense to think about the replacement cost and how it reflections your ability to replace your house in your area. 

When you make improvements

Many types of improvement increase your home’s value, and your insurance policy should reflect the new value. 

When your financial worth increases

If you are worth more than when you bought your home, take a good look at the amount of liability insurance your policy has. You may want to increase it to reflect your current worth. 

Contact Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI to discuss your home insurance needs.