Common Home Insurance Exclusions: Understanding What’s Not Covered

Many homeowners in Marshall, MI are surprised to learn that there are several common exclusions in their home insurance policies. These exclusions mean your insurance company may not cover certain events, damages, or losses. Great Michigan Insurance explains some of the most common home insurance exclusions so you can understand what your policy won’t cover.

1. Flooding

One of the most common exclusions in a home insurance policy is flooding. If the Kalamazoo or other nearby rivers overflow or a heavy rainstorm causes flooding in your basement, you’ll need a separate flood insurance policy to cover the loss.

2. Earthquake

Another exclusion in your home insurance policy is damage caused by an earthquake. In Michigan, the risk of an earthquake is low, but still, it’s not non-existent.

3. High-Value Items

If you have expensive jewelry, art, or other valuable items, you might be surprised that they are not fully covered under your standard home insurance policy.

4. Infestations and Pest Damages

Another exclusion in your home insurance policy might be damages caused by a pest infestation. While a bug or rodent infestation can cause significant damage to your home, most policies do not cover it.

Home insurance policies are essential to protecting your family and your assets in Marshall, MI. However, it’s critical to understand what’s not covered so that you can target your insurance coverage to meet your needs. By knowing which events, damages, or losses are excluded from your policy, you can take steps to protect yourself fully. If you have questions about what your home insurance policy covers – and doesn’t cover, contact Great Michigan Insurance. We can review your policy together and find any gaps you need to cover.