Have You Reviewed Your Condo Insurance Policy Lately?

Your condo insurance policy is important for reducing the financial risk of condo ownership. If a covered event occurs, your policy will help repair and replace your personal belongings and repair damage inside your condo.

At Great Michigan Insurance, servicing Marshall, MI, we work with only the best carriers to ensure our customers have many choices when they get condo insurance. 

Why Review Your Condo Insurance Policy?

When your condo insurance policy was initially purchased, it should have been enough to cover your condo and belongings in the event of certain perils. However, this needs to change over time. Reviewing your condo insurance policy helps ensure that your policy continues to offer enough coverage.

The cost of materials and personal effects can change over time. Reviewing your policy keeps it up to date and helps ensure that it will be adequate in the event of a covered disaster. 

In addition, reviewing your condo insurance policy each year gives you an opportunity to shop for a better policy if necessary. 

When to Review Your Condo Insurance Policy?

Review your condo insurance annually. The time of year doesn’t matter, although many people choose to do this at the beginning of the year or around the time of their policy renewal.

To review your insurance coverage, look at the paper certificate and read it carefully. Next, talk to your insurance agent at Great Michigan Insurance Servicing in Marshall, MI. We’re skilled at reviewing insurance information with our customers to ensure they have the best coverage for their needs. 

We know what questions to ask to help you discuss and think about your policy. Call today to get started.