How Often Should I Review My Home Insurance Policy?

Your home is one of your most significant investments. That’s why it’s essential to have the right home insurance policy. But even if you have the perfect policy, it’s still important to review it regularly. This blog post will discuss how often you should review your home insurance policy and what factors you should consider when making that decision.

When You Make Changes to Your Home

If you’ve made any changes to your home, it’s important to review your insurance policy to ensure you have the right coverage. For example, if you’ve remodeled your kitchen or added a new addition to your home, your insurance policy should reflect those changes.

Additionally, if you’ve made any changes to your home that could impact your risk of a loss, such as installing a new roof or security system, be sure to let your insurance company know. They may be able to offer you a discount on your premium.

If You Bring Valuables into Your Home

If you’ve moved any valuables into your homes, such as jewelry, art, or collectibles, you’ll want to ensure those items are adequately insured. Your standard home insurance policy may limit how much coverage is provided for these items.

If you plan on getting a significant amount of valuable items in your home, you may need to purchase an additional insurance policy to ensure they’re fully protected. If you’re in Marshall, MI, talk to your Great Michigan Insurance agent about the best way to insure your valuables.

Once a Year

Even if you haven’t made any changes to your home or brought in new valuables, reviewing your insurance policy at least once a year is still a good idea. This will help you ensure you have the right coverage and that your premium is still in line with the market rates.


Regularly reviewing your home insurance policy is the best way to ensure you have the right coverage. By reviewing your policy, you can be confident that you and your home are adequately protected.

If you have questions about your home insurance policy or want a quote, talk to us at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI. Our team of experienced agents is always happy to help.