Home insurance riders you may want to consider

Home insurance covers many things, including fire, vandalism, and windstorms. It does not, however, cover everything that can happen, and it does have some limits on certain types of coverage. Our team at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, gets to know our customers and their needs, and we will recommend a rider or endorsement for your home policy if it is something we think you need. 

Valuables coverage

When it comes to covering your personal property, you have options. You can choose the current value or the replacement cost. When it comes to things like collectibles, jewelry, art, and antiques, there are limits on your policy about how much they will cover in those categories. If you have more than a very minimal amount of jewelry, you will find your coverage inadequate. Getting a jewelry rider is necessary to ensure your possessions are covered. This can also be true for electronics, cameras, stamps, coins, etc. 

Identity theft

Identity theft has become a more common occurrence in recent years, and it can cost you money and time to restore your financial reputation. With identity theft coverage, your insurance will help to restore some of the money that may have been spent on legal fees and other costs associated with identity theft. 

Water or sewer backup

When there is a problem with water coming into the home from a backed-up sewer or a sump pump, this insurance will help pay to repair the damage caused and move the water or sewage. This is an issue that can cause a lot of damage and anxiety. 

When you have questions about your home coverage, call our experienced team at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, today.