Life Insurance vs. Final Expense Insurance in Marshall, MI

Living in the town of Marshall, MI can sometimes feel like you’ve stepped into the scene of a picturesque postcard. Residents of Marshall who want to protect the financial security of their loved ones often get life insurance to shield their loved ones in the event of their untimely passing. 

Choosing the right life insurance policy can be tricky as there are a wide variety of options and similar options available, including final expense insurance. 

The insurance professionals at Great Michigan Insurance can help Marshall, MI residents make an informed decision about getting a life insurance policy. 

Life Insurance vs. Final Expense Insurance

Life insurance offers a comprehensive insurance solution that generally provides a lump-sum payout or death benefit upon the policyholder’s passing. Your loved ones can use payouts from your life insurance policy to cover the costs of mortgage payments, education costs, and other daily expenses in your absence. 

Many people refer to final expense insurance as "burial insurance" as it is tailored to cover the costs of funeral and burial expenses. While final expense insurance helps your loved ones cover funeral costs, these policies don’t typically have extended coverages for daily living expenses and outstanding bills. 

Michigan Life Insurance Quotes

Choosing between a term life, whole life, or final expense insurance policy can be challenging if you don’t understand the differences between these policy types. Choosing a life insurance policy is easier when you have the knowledge and support of caring insurance agents. 

Talk to a knowledgeable agent at Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, who can walk you through the steps of choosing the best policy for you. Licensed agents will help you choose a policy that meets your budget and personal needs. 

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