Why should I get auto insurance in Marshall?

If you are in the Marshall, MI area, there is a good chance that owning a car is going to be a practical necessity. When you do own a car here, there are a variety of responsibilities that you will have to protect the vehicle and yourself. One thing that you must do is take your auto insurance needs seriously. There are several reasons why you should get auto insurance when you are in this area of Michigan.

Required by Law

One reason that you will need to get insurance for your vehicle here is that it is required by law. Similar to other states, Michigan has basic auto insurance requirements that need to be met. At a minimum, you are going to need to have liability insurance. Having this coverage will ensure that you can pay for damages if you cause an accident while driving. 

Protects Vehicle

Beyond complying with state law, having insurance is also beneficial because it will protect your vehicle. Anyone that owns a car will have made a significant investment to own and care for it. If you want to protect this investment, you need to get proper insurance. An auto insurance policy can ensure that you can repair or replace your vehicle when it is necessary to do so. 

As you are looking for auto insurance in Marshall, MI, you need to make sure that you speak with someone that can guide you and answer your questions. The team at Great Michigan Insurance can help you to understand your insurance options and how it can protect you. Great Michigan Insurance can help you build a policy that will give you the proper protection and meet your needs based on your personal situation. 

5 Reasons You Need a Commercial Insurance Policy

When you have a business in or near the Marshall, MI area, you’ll want to consider a commercial insurance policy that meets your needs. But it’s important to remember that not every type of business needs this insurance and depending on the business, the level and type of coverage may be very different, as well. That’s where we come in at Great Michigan Insurance. Our dedicated agents are focused on making sure the coverage you get for your business is the kind of coverage you need and want.

We can talk about the type of business you have, and help you find the right policy that’s going to work for you, along with discussing how you might want to update it in the future as your business grows and changes. Protecting your company, assets, customers, and employees all matters, and you need the right policy to do that effectively. Here are five of the biggest reasons you’ll want to talk to us about a commercial policy.

  • Commercial policies protect your business from claims and risk.
  • Depending on your business, a commercial policy may be legally required.
  • Customers will feel safer when you take the right steps to protect them.
  • Employees will want to work for you because they know they’re covered.
  • A commercial policy reduces your personal risk as an owner.

Don’t settle for less than a quality policy for your commercial insurance needs. You want and deserve comprehensive coverage you can rely on. At Great Michigan Insurance, we’ll work hard to help you get that. We want all of our Marshall, MI area clients to feel good about the coverage they have, and to know that they’re adequately protected from risk. Let our dedicated agents help you today, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to the right kind of insurance for your business.

Home insurance: Which coverages should I focus on?

Home insurance: Which coverages should I focus on?

A home insurance policy is a valuable investment for any homeowner in Marshall, MI. It covers a wide range of perils that could easily leave you broke. While there is no way of determining which accidents can happen in your home, it is prudent to focus on the coverages that matter to you most. How? Great Michigan Insurance can help you understand your policy and catch missing opportunities. So, which coverages should you focus on?

The dwelling

This coverage typically covers the floor, roof, and walls from damage. Some of the perils covered include windstorms, smoke, and fire damage. The dwelling coverage does not just protect the structure but also covers the plumbing, wiring, and heating & cooling systems. If you have a big compound with a detached garage, shed, and other structures, you may want to consider buying the other structures coverage to protect those structures.

Personal property

One of the reasons why many of us purchase home insurance is to protect its contents. Personal property includes Appliances, clothing, furniture, and electronics. It also covers personal items like clothes and shoes. If you have priceless items or items of high value like artwork and jewelry, you may want to get them a separate coverage that will adequately cover them.


Getting sued nowadays is a new norm. You can be sued for just about anything in this society, and your home is no exception. A visitor can sue you for a slip and fall; a neighbor can sue you for a dog bite their son got from your pet, you can even be sued if your son’s or daughter’s friend drives while intoxicated after a party in your home.

Home insurance saves you money that you would have otherwise spent to fix damages or losses. For all your insurance needs in Marshall, MI, contact Great Michigan Insurance today!

Three reasons why you need umbrella insurance

Consumers need to know what umbrella insurance is and how it works. They also need to understand why this type of coverage is essential.

At Great Michigan Insurance, we offer umbrella coverage. The following are three reasons why this type of insurance coverage is vital for consumers in Marshall, MI. 

A lawsuit or accident can cost you more than your insurance policy maximum coverage amount.

Unfortunately, many home and auto insurance policies have coverage limits that are too low to provide adequate coverage in the event of a costly accident. Umbrella coverage is a convenient solution for extending insurance coverage over policy limits.

Accidents and lawsuits are unpredictable. It’s difficult to determine in advance how much they might cost you. To be safe, you can invest in umbrella coverage so that your liability expenses will be covered regardless of how high they are. 

Umbrella insurance coverage protects your assets.

Any assets you have are at risk if a considerable liability expense comes up that exceeds your insurance policy maximums. Umbrella insurance is a necessity for anyone with assets to protect. 

An umbrella insurance policy is a relatively inexpensive way to get a significant amount of additional coverage.

When you shop around for umbrella insurance coverage, you may find yourself surprised at how much coverage you get for relatively inexpensive premiums.

Umbrella insurance is an insurance product that helps to maximize the value you get from insurance coverage. Personal umbrella insurance coverage can enhance a policyholder’s home and auto insurance coverage. 

Get started finding the right umbrella insurance policy in Marshall, MI. We’re here to help you at Great Michigan Insurance. Get in touch with us to learn more about our policy offerings. 

Different Types of Condo Insurance

 While condo insurance is sometimes confused with your condo association’s insurance, they are two different things. The fees you pay to your condo association and the insurance the association obtains is intended to cover the common areas- outside of your individual condo unit.

Protecting the inside of your condo requires you to purchase a separate policy. However, your condo association’s policy can impact the type of coverage you need, and Great Michigan Insurance is here to help Michigan residents find the best coverage for their needs.

The most common condo insurance coverage includes:

Building Property Protection

This coverage may help cover damages to the interior of your condo, such as your walls and other permanent fixtures.

Personal Liability Coverage

If a guest is injured while in your condo and you are found at fault, personal liability coverage may help cover medical and other related expenses. There is also guest medical coverage, which might help cover costs related to a visitor’s injury even if you are not found to be responsible for said injury.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property insurance is designed to cover damage and loss of your personal belongings, such as your clothes and appliances.

Umbrella Insurance

Sometimes standard, and even additional, coverage is just not enough. If your net worth is high or you feel that you need more coverage than what you currently have, consider an umbrella insurance policy.

Flood Insurance

Standard condo insurance does not usually cover flood damage, so this is one you would need to add on yourself. If you have a mortgage on your condo, there is a good chance that your lender will require you to get it, especially if you are in a flood zone.

If you own or are buying a condo in the Marshall, MI area, reach out to us at Great Michigan Insurance. We can help you get the coverage you need so you can focus on loving your home.  

Life Insurance: Luxury or Need?

If you consider life insurance a non-essential entity in your life, it’s time to think again. Life insurance has so much to offer in the way of financial security for those you love in the event of your unexpected demise. A life insurance policy from Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI offers your loved ones the following benefits and more:  

Financial Support  

If your loved ones count on you for financial support, your unexpected demise could put them in financial straits due to the sudden loss of income. Life benefits can help replace your income so your loved ones can carry on. Whether you’re supporting a spouse, children, or aging parents, benefits from a life insurance policy can provide essential financial security for their future. Life benefits can help supplement your family’s budget, pay for medical expenses, cover school needs, and more. You can even designate those benefits to be put aside to help pay for your children’s college after they’re grown.

Paid Debts

Life benefits can be used to pay your outstanding debts, so your spouse, parents, or other relatives don’t have to assume this burden. This includes co-signed student loans, the mortgage on your home, car loans, or business loans. You can have peace of mind that your debts will be taken care of in the event of your untimely demise.

Paid Funeral Costs

If you’ve made no previous arrangement for your funeral, your loved ones will have to assume this responsibility if you were to pass on suddenly. Life benefits can be used to help cover these costs. Your loved ones won’t be weighed down with this financial burden at a time when they’re mourning your loss.

For more information about life insurance options and costs, contact Great Michigan Insurance. For your convenience, we serve residents in Marshall, MI, and surrounding communities. 

Teen Drivers and Insurance

Most parents have a handle on their insurance needs. But when teen drivers are involved, the questions seem a little less straightforward. Here are some things that you need to know about teen drivers and insurance from Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI.

Learner’s Permits

Some insurance companies require that you notify them when your teen gets a learner’s permit, while others only want to know about teens with a regular license. It never hurts to give your insurance company a call when the driver’s status in your family is about to change. You may want to do this before your teen gets a restricted license just to avoid any surprises.

Comprehensive Coverage Vs. Liability Coverage

All drivers in Michigan are required to have at least liability insurance, the type of insurance that only pays for repairs to the other party’s vehicle in case of an accident. However, some people opt for comprehensive coverage, which will repair both cars involved. Liability insurance is less expensive than comprehensive insurance. However, whether you want to pay for comprehensive coverage depends on several factors. Will your teen be driving a newer vehicle that will be costly to replace or an older model that can be less expensively replaced? How often will your teen drive? Do you have savings to replace or repair the car if they were to damage it in an accident severely? Your agent can help you determine the answers to these questions and decide which option makes sense for your family.

It’s always best to ask all of your teen driving insurance questions before your teen gets his or her license. You can avoid unpleasant or expensive surprises by knowing ahead of time what the cost will be. If you have questions about teen driver insurance, contact Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

A commercial auto insurance policy protects the mobility of your Battle Creek or Marshall, MI area business. However, multiple claims can negatively impact your profit potential. These tips from Great Michigan Insurance will help you decrease the possibilities of claims, increase the longevity of your work vehicles, and improve driver performance.

  • Install GPS-capable tracking devices in all company vehicles. Some devices are able to record mileage, driving habits, and other bits of information as well. These trackers help you understand how your drivers operate, which offers opportunities for more effective training. The digitally collected data also makes it easier to determine operating costs and create more effective maintenance schedules.
  • Designate a fleet manager. Even if you only have 2 company vehicles, a dedicated fleet manager simplifies your management processes. Having one person in charge of keeping track of maintenance logs, fuel records, purchasing, and other details decrease confusion that could lead to poor vehicle performance.
  • Opt into roadside assistance. For smaller businesses, roadside assistance is a cost-effective way to keep your vehicles operative. Instead of paying for a dedicated emergency response employee or shelling out big bucks for independent towing services, commercial roadside assistance can help you get moving after an emergency without a large investment.
  • Contract all of your mechanical work to one shop. Find a mechanic or shop that can serve all of your maintenance and emergency needs. Use the volume of work you offer to negotiate discounted rates or premium services.

Your Battle Creek or Marshall, MI area business can’t run without properly maintained vehicles. Let Great Michigan Insurance customize your commercial auto insurance contract to fit your needs. Contact us to learn how to maximize the value of your commercial auto coverage.

How Can Home Insurance Protect You?

Your home and personal possessions likely represent your largest assets. As such, it is important to protect the things you’ve worked your entire life for. Look to insurance professionals that understand the nuances of home insurance to identify how this type of policy can protect you.

If you’re financing the purchase of a home, your lender will require you to obtain homeowners insurance. Even if you don’t finance the purchase, it is still important to get coverage to protect your financial investment. You also want to protect your personal property up to the coverable amount stated in your policy. There are different types of home policies in Michigan depending on your situation and risk profile.

Types of home insurance include:

  • Broad
  • All-risk
  • Renters
  • Condominium

Broad coverage covers damage to your dwelling and possessions from specific risks identified in your policy. All-risk coverage, however, covers your dwelling and possessions from a larger number of risks, except for threats specifically excluded in the policy. When you visit Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI, you can explore these policies and decide the right amount of coverage given your budget and net-worth.

Whether it is receiving money to replace lost and stolen possessions or having portions of your home repaired in instances of a covered peril, home insurance can protect you and your family. Do not let unforeseen problems disrupt your everyday life – get insurance now.

Home insurance is a necessity on multiple levels and can give you peace-of-mind. To learn more about the benefits of home insurance, please contact Great Michigan Insurance in Marshall, MI today. We are ready to help you mitigate risk and hedge financial exposures.